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Canto de Agua Linguistics, why work with us


  • Transgurus emphasizes quality and dependability, and tailors its services to the specific needs of corporations and government agencies.
  • Transgurus delivers on time. We offer budget, standard, urgent and same-day services.
  • Transgurus provides accurate and terminologically precise translations of originals.
  • Our translations are consistent throughout single documents, series of documents, and multi-part projects.
  • We use CAT tools and term bases to ensure consistency.
  • Translation of webpages and web-design
  • Our translations convey the author's intentions and preserve the author's style.
  • Our documents are not only better translated, they are also professionally formatted.
  • Transgurus will format your documents as simply or as intricately as needed.
  • Graphics, complex layouts - anything in the original document can be reproduced in a translation.
  • Translation of webpages and web-design Tech Support
  • Transgurus supports numerous computer formats, including graphics and computer presentations.
  • Ease of Communication.
  • Our professional translators and interpreters specialize in particular industries, keep up-to-date with current terminology and are certified by the American Translators Association (ATA), government agencies, states and professional organizations