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Canto de Agua started this site inspired by a passion for words, writing and languages (human and computer programming languages), We are based in Southern California, and we have performed translation and programming work for many companies around the globe. We have also skilled professionals in Graphic Design, and Web development, with years of experience. You can trust us with your website design, translation and localization projects.

Programming and Web-design-scripting: We work with MYSQL for database design and management through PHP, AJAX, HTML, and ASP.

Translations: Translations are always conducted in several steps, including proofreading, and using the latest and up to date technological CAT tools for this purpose, thus ensuring accuracy and real meaning. We are passionate about what we do, the result being not just an accurate translation, but also one that is seamlessly constructed as to give the feel that it was never translated, but written originally in the target language.

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Canto de Agua Linguistics

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